Maverick Leadership

"Maverick Leadership is an adaptive leadership style that amplifies your own unique ability to influence others, stand out and make a compelling impact "

This is true whether you are an individual, Business Owner or organisation. We enable critical thinking and innovation as well as enhancing leadership capability.

The essence of Maverick Leaders?

Maverick Paradox

We enable you to challenge conventional thinking and hidden assumptions, provide innovative solutions, and create clear thinking and decisive leaders.

By working with us you will catalyse transformation, and make real change possible.


We help to increase your business acumen by helping you chart order into the chaos you perceive.


By employing positive disruptive innovation with objectivity and challenge, the creativity you need becomes possible.


The ability to amplify your influence and develop relationships that are built for collaboration.

Covering all areas

We believe that traditional leadership theory and business thinking are insufficient for creating the relevant changes in individuals and organisations; that are necessary to exceed stakeholder expectations. We work with:


Developing leaders who can navigate change, inspire teams, & can think through complex problems.

Business Owners

Who can attract the right clients, have more clarity, and distinguish themselves from the competition.


Eradicating Imposter Syndrome. Working with Senior Leaders and amplifying their impact and influence.

We had a 3-day Maverick Leadership Programme which was tailored to our company and leadership team.

We learned as a team and developed over those three days, we immediately implemented new ways of working from a tailored strategic plan we developed on the programme.

I would highly recommend the programme, we are a successful team and company but the programme showed us where we need to be heading as a Leadership team and how we can impact the growth of our teams.

Steve Yardley

MD, JGA Recruitment

Founder views on how Maverick Leadership supports you

Provoking Maverick Leadership

We understand that tired leadership theory and business thinking cannot change you or your organisation enough to make the difference that you need. This is why we provoke Maverick Leadership and catalyse transformation in individuals, business owners, leaders, the C-Suite and the organisation in a variety of ways; so that you and your organisation can exceed stakeholder expectations.

The Maverick Paradox utilises Maverick Leadership principles to enable business owners, leaders and organisations, thrive in complex, constantly changing environments by improving their diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability. We are award winning trainers, authors, consultants, accredited coaches, renowned mentors, and speakers. We have experience in a number of sectors and industries. 

Why work with us?

Proven Track Record

We are award winning experts in Leadership, Culture, Change and DEI. Passionate about enabling others to execute the right ideas and solutions for improved leadership impact and influence.

Unique Approach

Changing the way you lead to create exponential changes in your impact. Personalised advice and strategies for individuals, small businesses and organisations. Values driven.

Comprehensive Support

Organisations: increase leadership capability, achieve objectives, and enhanced diversity in people & thought processes. Business Owners: Attract more clients, amplify impact, establish thought leadership.

DRIVEN™ leaders

Maverick Leadership is a philosophy that drives who you are and what you do. It is a way of being, thinking and doing that utilises lateral thinking, integrity, empathy and passion, to achieve results beyond what others think possible.

Effective Maverick Leaders tend to be influential, successful in what they do, and able to execute the right strategy, at the right time and in the right way. Lateral thinkers, able to think outside the box, they take the important roles of Strategic Innovator, Devil's Advocate and Mission Preserver seriously.

They will ensure that the real mission (spoken aloud or not), is executed well and is likely to succeed.

Successful individuals and organisations make the 6 decisions of Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ to ensure that they are enabled to Strategise, Innovate and Execute; to ensure that they and their organisations thrive in complex, constantly changing environments. They understand how to improve belongingness in the organisation, diversity of thought in those around them and passion filled employees.

© Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ demonstrates the 6 decisions all successful leaders make.

(The diagram is © Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ - Judith Germain)


This is MAVERICK LEADERSHIP at its best.

Maverick Leadership is not just for those Judith Germain defines as 'mavericks', (wilfully independent people), it is an approach that all leaders can aspire to master.

This leadership style is particularly effective in enabling businesses and organisations to improve their impact and influence, especially in complex and constantly shifting environments.

Helping modern workplaces become more adaptive, innovative and people-centric

Maverick Leadership - Cataylsing Transformation

Adaptability to complexity

This is crucial for modern workplaces facing rapid technological changes and disruptions

Promoting diversity of thought

Improves diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability

Embracing change

Maverick Leaders are 'change eager' and help organisations become more adaptable

Challenging assumptions

Creating clear thinking and decisive leaders, avoiding stagnation and groupthink

Balancing independence and ethics

Being wilfully independent while remaining objective, ethical and principled. Crucial in navigating complex ethical challenges

Focus on people

Leadership is fundamentally about people. Aligning with the growing emphasis on employee engagement and well-bein

Promoting autonomy

Emphasising the importance of autonomy, aligning with modern trends towards more flexible and empowerring work environments

Integrating work and life

Promoting integrity and wholeness in one's persona across work and personal life. Choosing work-life integration


We improve your impact and influence by enabling you to effectively Strategise, Innovate and Execute so that you can thrive in complex, constantly changing environments by improving your diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability.

The Diversity Impact Programme helped us develop a robust understanding of the effects of a diverse organisation. Highlighting that a diverse workforce leads to diversity of thought this will inevitably create a healthier team, more effective performance at work and an enriched culture throughout the organisation.

It also challenged us to consider practical steps to take to recruit people and manage talent in the organisation, by recognising unconscious bias or affinity bias, and ensuring that we are open to all people at Regenerate and can work towards achieving a culture of equity and inclusivity.

Andy Smith

CEO - Regenerate UK

Putting together a new Transformation Team from scratch, that would be required to challenge the organisation (and its partners) to think radically to tackle future issues and achieve their ambitions, with and for Kingston communities, was no easy task.

The programme developed this by a range of methods. It's helped me immensely as a manager to support the development of the new team and give me insight on the strengths, opportunities and potential needs of the team and individuals.

Sophia Severin

Corporate Transformation Manager - Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

I was compelled to take a punt on Judith's Business Accelerator Programme and I'm so glad that I did. She really helped me to articulate my proposition and USP; and give it a language which the business community could relate to. I've since used what we discussed in 2 hours in all of my marketing collateral and am comfortable it accurately describes me and my business identity.

Judith is straight talking, business focused and energised to help like-minded people. If you are struggling with aspects of your business, a chat with Judith is worth a few hundred pounds and 2 hrs of your time.

Kate Morris-Bates

Director - Balanced Space Coaching Ltd


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