Judith Germain

Consultant / Mentor / Coach

Consultant / Mentor / Coach
Judith Germain

Impact and Influence


Judith Germain is an experienced consultant, mentor and executive coach working with senior teams, Directors and Business Owners.

She empowers business owners, leadership teams and Directors to have the strategic insight, innovation and execution, to enhance their impact and influence.

Judith Germain

Consultant / Mentor / Coach

Leadership Consultant / Mentor / Coach

Having been a senior Head of HR in a number of industries, and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD she ensures that the solutions she provides are sustainable and effective. An experienced Board, Director and Executive Coach and Mentor Judith works with her clients to enable them to exceed their expectations and improve their leadership capability.

Judith also provides Leadership & Development Consultancy so that you have the right strategy, and the right development for your Directors, Senior Teams, Leaders and employees.

She has worked in a number of sectors (Public, Private, Charity, Governmental, Financial Services, Retail) and a number of industries in a senior strategic and operational capacity. Judith brings together these experiences of having strategic oversight of operational departments as well as the HR function, to establish credibility and to design solutions that truly solve the challenges her clients face.

Business Consultant / Mentor

Judith has been providing business consultancy and CEO/Business Owner Mentoring for almost two decades. During this time she has been the Vice President of a VIP business community, providing support and mentoring for business owners and entrepreneurs.

She helps business owners accelerate their impact, grow and develop their businesses and develop their core offer for their clients.

Judith's experience of being responsible for the operational departments in large organisations (as well as her extensive HR knowledge and capability), has been invaluable for her business owners and entrepreneurs. She is also an insightful, fun and effective business mentor.

Executive Coach

Judith also coaches leaders and teams to enable improved performance and enhanced leadership capability.

Leadership and SME Frameworks

Executive coaching around impact

Leadership Consultant / Mentor / Coach

Strategic insight, Innovation, Execution

Leadership Consultant

Judith Germain (Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is the leading authority on Maverick Leadership and is an expert on the art and science of leadership.

Her extensive experience as Head of HR enables her to understand the development requirements of your organisation, and the strategy it needs to survive and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Judith is able to understand what is driving your challenges (whether they are overt or hidden) and design and/or deliver a solution (or help you do so) that resolves them.

Leadership Mentor / Executive Coach

Leadership Mentor

Judith takes her extensive experience of mentoring Board Members, Directors, and Senior Teams, honed during her corporate experience, and applies it to her current leadership mentorship work.

Having had strategic and operational responsibility and oversight within many corporate departments (for example HR, Operations, Marketing) and being a CEO / Director Mentor within leading organisations, Judith helps her clients, soundboard difficult decisions, provide insight into challenges and consider innovative solutions.

Where necessary she also mentors on leadership effectiveness or acts as a 'trusted advisor'.

Executive Coach

There are times when executive coaching is appropriate for the development of a manager, leader or team.

Often executive coaching is used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team member or leader. Due to her experience Judith often merges her abilities as a mentor with coaching principles to enable insight and enhanced capability for these team members or leaders.

Business Consultant / Mentor

Judith utilises The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ to enable business owners to accelerate their impact and influence, attract the right clients and do the business that they went into business to do.

By applying The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ she supports business owners by enabling them to have more clarity, impact and influence and passion for their business.

We enable business owners to learn and demonstrate the steps needed to become thought leaders in their field, and attract the clients that they want. One of her popular programmes include Judith assisting her clients by designing and pricing their core offerings that the business owner's clients want to buy.

CEO Mentor / Effective Maverick Leader

CEO Mentor within an Organisation / Running their own organisation

Judith has worked extensively with CEOs, Operations Directors and those wishing to be an effective Maverick Leader, regardless of whether these senior leaders run their own business or work within someone else's.

She honed her experience of operating at this senior level whilst working as a peer in diverse organisations across a number of industries and sectors. She often had operational responsibility for the business as well as responsibility for the people.

Judith was often considered a confidant, trusted advisor, soundboard and someone experienced enough in business to provide insight and advice on the difficult challenges that lay ahead (whether those challenges are business or personal).

This fusion of sound operational experience, strategic oversight and leadership expertise has provided invaluable support for her clients.

An experienced Board, Director and Executive Coach and Mentor, Judith works with her clients to enable them to exceed their expectations and improve their leadership capability.

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Judith Germain

Judith is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership. She enables business owners, leaders and organisations to thrive, in complex, constantly changing environments. An established CEO Mentor, Leadership and Business Consultant, and Mentor, she provides strategic insight and innovation to enable you to exceed your expectations and those of your stakeholders.

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Judith Germain


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