Judith Germain

C- Suite Mentor / CEO Mentor

C-Suite Mentor / CEO Mentor
Judith Germain

Impact and capability


Judith Germain has been mentoring CEOs and the C-Suite, for over 20 years. She has become known for her capability to strategise, innovate and execute and her uncanny ability to see the problems and the solutions concurrently.

Her mentorship is valued by the C-Suite and CEOs alike.

C-Suite and CEO Mentor

C-Suite Mentor / CEO Mentor (Organisational and Entrepreneurial)

For many years Judith had strategic oversight over the organisation's operations, as well as regularly deputising for CEOs, and C-Suite Directors to ensure that the organisation was effective operationally.

Attendance at Trading Reviews and C-Suite Meetings to provide feedback on the operational running of the organisation was a regular feature - this was in addition to her HRD responsibilities. This naturally led to becoming a Mentor and sounding board for CEOs and the C-Suite who worked within these organisations.

This ability to understand deeply the business and key dependencies coupled with her extensive leadership and people knowledge enabled her to support the CEO and C-Suite in their own development and improved impact and capability.

Judith as an accepted peer, provided much needed strategic insight, innovation and mentorship.

CEO (Entrepreneur)

This extensive experience was easily transferrable to CEOs who ran their own businesses. Especially when they wanted to amplify their own impact and capability as well as their leadership effectiveness.

An experienced Board, Director and CEO Mentor Judith works with her clients to enable them to exceed their expectations, improve their leadership capability and impact and influence.

She has worked in a number of sectors (Public, Private, Charity, Governmental, Financial Services, Retail) and a number of industries in a senior strategic and operational capacity. Judith brings together these experiences of having strategic oversight of operational departments as well as the HR function, to establish credibility and to design solutions that truly solve the challenges her clients face.

C-Suite and CEO Mentor Frameworks

DEEP™ Mentoring for the C-Suite

DEEP™ Mentoring

Every C-Suite member is an individual with unique opportunities, challenges and needs. This is why Judith carefully designs a programme that is bespoke to the individual catering for their singular requirements and personality.

A popular request is to undergo DEEP™ Mentoring with Judith. DEEP™ is an acronym for developing, and enhancing your impact and capability:

  • Develop your C-Suite Identity
  • Enhance your impact and influence
  • Engage your key stakeholders
  • Amplify your performance and improve your capabilities
Contact us to find out more about DEEP™ Mentoring and other forms of C-Suite Mentoring.

DEEP (TM) Mentoring

C-Suite Mentor / CEO Mentor

Strategic insight, Innovation, Mentorship

C-Suite Mentor

Judith Germain (Chartered Fellow of The CIPD, MBA PgDip) is the leading authority on Maverick Leadership and is an expert on the art and science of leadership and the acceleration of impact and influence.

Her extensive experience as Head of HR enables her to understand exactly what is required for a member of the C-Suite to succeed. Her operational business experience of being responsible for the effectiveness of multiple areas of the business and the C-Suite/ Executive effectiveness, makes her an ideal sounding board and confidant.

Judith is able to understand what is driving your challenges and be able to provide strategic insight and mentorship to help you resolve them.

CEO Mentor

CEO Mentor (Organisational)

Judith is an experienced CEO mentor, sound boarding advisor, confidant and peer. She combines her extensive business knowledge with her leadership specialism, to activate her unique style of mentorship.

Judith helps her clients, soundboard difficult decisions, provide insight into challenges and consider innovative solutions. She also mentors on leadership effectiveness or acts as a 'trusted advisor'.

CEO (Entrepreneurial)

CEO - Effective Maverick Leader

Judith is a trusted Mentor to entrepreneurial CEOs, helping them maximise their impact and capability by fusing business with leadership effectiveness.

She is known for her ability to design bespoke solutions that enable her clients to choose the strategic direction they want to go and the support they need.

For example entrepreneurial CEOs can choose whether they want support in growing their business or developing themselves.

Some CEOs prefer a hybrid approach.

Maximising impact

CEO - Growing the business and their impact and influence

Judith utilises The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ to enable CEOs to accelerate their impact and influence, attract the right clients and do the business that they went into business to do.

By applying The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ she supports business owners by enabling them to have more clarity, impact and influence and passion for their business.

We enable business owners to learn and demonstrate the steps needed to become thought leaders in their field, and attract the clients that they want. One of her popular programmes include Judith assisting her clients by designing and pricing their core offerings that the business owner's clients want to buy.

Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator

Judith Germain

Judith is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership. She enables CEOs and the C-Suite to thrive, in complex, constantly changing environments. An established CEO and Executive Mentor, she provides strategic insight and innovation to enable you to exceed your expectations and those of your stakeholders.

To find out more about Judith and how she can help you and your organisation click the button.

Judith Germain


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