Judith Germain


Judith Germain

Impact and Influence

Judith Germain is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership and is considered a highly-acclaimed leadership expert and business mentor who's message enables business owners and organisations to improve their impact and influence.

Judith Germain Speaking

Corporate / SME / Panels

Speaking audiences

Corporate Audiences

Judith enables leaders and organisations to thrive in complex, constantly changing environments by improving their diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability.

Her talks can be bespoked to the organisation, she speaks on the themes of Maverick Leadership, Diversity Impact, and Change. Contact her to find out exactly what topics she can speak on.

Audiences are challenged to think in new ways and then inspired to take immediate action.

A fun and insightful experience for all.

How to manage your Maverick (short video)

Corporate Speaking Themes

Judith Germain's Maverick Leadership philosophy challenges the audience to consider:

  • how they can lead in a shifting, complex environment
  • how to become change eager leaders
  • how to increase leadership capability
She speaks on the themes of leadership (inc Maverick Leadership and Inclusive Leadership), Diversity, Change, Mavericks and Resilience.

Contact Judith if you want her to speak at your event.

SME Audiences

Judith enables business owners to accelerate their impact and influence, by gaining clarity on their Core Offering so that their prospects can buy, reducing uncertainty in their decision making and becoming known as a thought leader in their field.

In her interactive talks Judith shares actionable tips on how to attract the right clients and run your business like a successful Maverick Entrepreneur.

Audiences enjoy the fun interactive sessions where they can learn about what they and their business needs for success.

Judith Germain Speaking

SME Speaking Themes

Judith Germain speaks on the themes of taking a Maverick (wilful independent) approach to enhance your business. Contact Judith if you want her to talk at your event.

Some popular talks are as follows:

  • Core Identity™: Understand what your client wants and increase your attraction and revenue potential
  • How to run your business like a Maverick - The Maverick KEYSTONE Capabilities™ for success
  • How to be DRIVEN™
  • How to have a Core Proposition™ that sells


Judith is a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and was a Senior Head of HR operating at a Strategic as well as an operational level.

She is HRZone's Leadership Columnist, an Expert Contributor for Brainz Magazine, and Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine. Her expert opinion has been sought after for National and Trade Press.

Judith has been an expert panellist for a number of organisations including the CIPD, The HR Director and Southampton University Business School.

Judith Germain Speaking

Aligning your Core Identity™ with Belonginess and Wellbeing

Panel Speaking Themes

Judith Germain shares her expertise with corporate and entrepreneurial audiences on a range of subjects.

Here are a few of the subjects that she can join your panel on:

  • leadership
  • diversity
  • change
  • resilience
  • wellbeing
  • HR
  • growing your business
  • attracting the right clients
The above is not an exhaustive list.

Contact Judith if you wish for her to speak at your panel.

Podcast / Radio Guest

Judith has appeared on a number of podcasts and radio shows discussing a wide range of subjects within her expertise (especially leadership and entrepreneurship).

She can be booked to appear on your podcast or radio show. For example she has appeared on BBC Three Counties discussing Dominic Cummings ' comment that The Government needs more weirdo and misfits. She has also appeared on BBC Radio 2 twice.

Radio / Podcast (examples)


'HR as Change Champions' Amazing session, great interaction and learning lots. Taking lots away on how to move the business forward.

Leanne Hately

HR Professional

'Playful Creative PopUp event' Judith was our special guest. She brings a gravitas tinged with humour that is ideal for interactive, online presentations.

David Chislett

Creativity Activator

'ELP Leadership Debate' Judith's insight was really inspiring, she gave me lots to ponder around driving leadership forward using the Maverick Paradox.

Gemma Kehoe

Professional Service Consultant

'The Maverick Paradox Podcast' I learn something new every episode and I always wait in anticipation for the next one to be released! Keep up the inspiratonal and excellent work.

Nick Day

Managing Director


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