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Judith Germain

Empowering leadership

by design

Judith Germain is an experienced trainer and is known for her ability to understand the challenge you are trying to resolve, and design a solution that solves not only the challenge you stated but the drivers of the problem.

Everything is bespoked for you and your unique challenges.

Judith training

Strategic innovator / Trainer / Facilitator

Having been a senior Head of HR in a number of industries, and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD she ensures that the solutions she provides are sustainable and effective. Judith also provides Leadership & Development Consultancy so that you have the right strategy, and the right development for your Directors, Senior Teams, Leaders and employees.

She has worked in a number of sectors (Public, Private, Charity, Governmental, Financial Services, Retail) and a number of industries in a senior strategic and operational capacity. Judith brings together these experiences of having strategic oversight of operational departments as well as the HR function, to establish credibility and to design solutions that truly solve the challenges her clients face.

An insightful, thought provoking and fun trainer/facilitator, delegates are inspired to take immediate action, solve their known problem and have the skills to face future challenges.

Contact us if you want Judith to consult, design, train or facilitate the right solution for your company.

Strategic innovation, design and delivery

Maverick Leadership / Training / Facilitation / L&D Consultancy

Strategic Innovation, design and delivery

The Maverick Leadership Framework™

The Maverick Leadership Framework™ utilises lateral thinking to improve leadership impact and capability.

There are 4 streams to the framework as follows:

  • The Lateral Thinker
  • Change Eager Leadership
  • The Capable Leader
  • The Effective Maverick Leader

Maverick Leadership Frameworkmework

When leaders and organisations recognise that they need to thrive in a complex, constantly changing environment they often seek out Judith to provide strategic innovation to improve their leadership impact and capability.

Judith enables teams and organisations to become change eager leaders who strategise, innovate and execute, by utilising lateral thinking and Maverick Leadership principles.

The 4 Streams

The Lateral Thinker

  • The Strategic Thinker
  • The Divergent Thinker
  • The Emergent Thinker

Change Eager Leadership

  • Developing Leaders and Diversity of thought
  • Sustainable Change Leadership
  • Making Culture Change Stick

The Capable Leader

  • Creating the right diversity impact
  • Enhancing leadership capability
  • Amplifying leadership impact

The Effective Maverick Leader

  • Maverick Attributes
  • KEYSTONE™ Capabilities
  • Becoming the DRIVEN™ Leader


When Judith was a Senior Head of HR the one thing she hated the most about external training consultants and companies, was the generic training that had no relevance to what the company truly needed. Sometimes the managers would come back excited and inspired full of buzz words. Then she noticed that two weeks later those same managers had gradually reverted back to the poor behaviour that they had before.

She vowed that she would never design or deliver training that did not lead to immediate behavioural change.

Training will always be actionable, inspiring and thought provoking. It will be fun, interactive and relevant. It will be bespoked to you and your needs.

Training can be delivered in-person, virtually or a combination of both.


Judith is an experienced facilitator and works with clients to facilitate their events and to ensure that the key learning or actions are understood and addressed.

At times facilitation is a key part of the learning intervention that has been designed for the delegates.

L & D Consultancy

There are times when our clients are unsure of what is the right leadership and development strategy for their organisation. Or what the right leadership development intervention is needed to get the best out of their employees, leadership teams or Directors.

It is in those times that we can help you in the strategy, design and execution stages, injecting the right amount of innovation along the way.

Judith Germain

Judith is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership. She enables leaders and organisations to thrive, in complex, constantly changing environments by improving their diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability.

To find out more about Judith and how she can help you and your organisation click the button.

Judith Germain


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