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Maverick Paradox Podcast

The Maverick Paradox Podcast aims to inspire listeners to stand out, be different, and lead for the greater good, challenging conventional thinking and exploring innovative approaches to leadership

Our podcast looks at the world from a maverick point of view, offering unique insights and approaches to leadership and business challenges

Conversational style

Judith Germain, our host, engages in lively discussions with her guests, creating an engaging and dynamic listening experience

Guest diversity

We welcome guests from various industries and sectors, embracing divergent and lateral thinkers

Practical insights

The podcast provides insight and actionable advice for business owners and those in leadership positions

Covering all areas

Judith Germain hosts our twice-weekly multi-format show (Monday and Friday). The show is aimed at the "pathologically curious," whether they are business owners or have a leadership position


Our podcast provides insights from experts and thought leaders, helping listeners understand complex leadership concepts and strategies

Business Owners

Addressing real-world challenges faced by business owners, provides practical strategies; encouraging them to think strategically & challenge the status quo


Challenges the status quo: By discussing maverick principles and strategies, we inspire listeners to question conventional wisdom and think outside the box


The Maverick Paradox Podcast helps leaders in several key ways:

  • It features lively conversations between the host, Judith Germain, and various guests, covering diverse topics to encourage curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking in leaders.

  • The podcast aims to help leaders develop their ability to think independently and challenge the status quo. It promotes the idea that Maverick Leadership is about having the courage to take risks and lead authentically.

  • It addresses key issues in leadership today, encouraging listeners to develop new ideas and engage in discussions about leadership challenges.

  • The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to business, motivation, mindset, growth, and personal development - all crucial areas for effective leadership.

  • The podcast aims to help leaders amplify their influence and impact. It discusses how leaders can enhance their leadership capabilities and execute their ideas more effectively.

    By offering this mix of maverick perspectives, expert insights, and practical leadership advice, the Maverick Paradox Podcast serves as a valuable resource for leaders looking to enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, and increase their effectiveness in today's complex business environment.

    The Maverick Paradox Podcast: Episodes

    Harris Rosen

    This 1 minute audio excerpt highlights Harris’ hope through education. Judith Germain talks to Harris Rosen who is known as The Hospitality Maverick. He is an investor and philanthropist with a big vision.

    Listen to his episode below. 

    Fascinating range

    Judith has a knack at attracting a wide range of interesting people with great stories. From thoughts on leadership, boot-strapped entrepreneurship, venture capital - even an episode on being a 'corporate spy' (Episode 271)

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    Facts about The Maverick Paradox Podcast

    Proven Track Record

    Ranked in the global top 1.5% most popular podcasts.


    Every Monday and Friday at 12pm UK time.

    Challenging concepts

    We help leaders develop their ability to think independently and challenge the status quo

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    Featured podcast

    Mavericks introduce chaos as empowerment

    In this episode Judith Germain speaks to John Mark Williams about how Mavericks introduce chaos as empowerment. They discuss the concept of mastery and finding fulfilment in their careers.

    They also discuss the importance of leadership in embracing change and inspiring others.

    Listen to John's interesting insights and this fun conversation.

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