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Listen to Judith Germain and her guests demonstrate that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere.

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The Maverick Paradox Podcast has been broadcasting since 6 December 2017.

It is a twice weekly podcast which demonstrates that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere. Judith Germain's guests come from every industry and sector and she welcomes divergent and lateral thinkers to her show.

The Maverick Paradox Podcast is currently ranked in the top 2% global popular podcast and the number 10 Best UK Leadership Podcast to follow in 2022.

Shows are first broadcast at 12pm UK Time on Mondays and Fridays.

Harris Rosen

This 1 minute audio excerpt highlights Harris' hope through education. Judith Germain talks to Harris Rosen who is known as The Hospitality Maverick. He is an investor and philanthropist with a big vision.

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Featured podcast

The Introverted Maverick Leader

Judith Germain speaks to Catherine Cantey about the Introverted Maverick Leader. Catherine shares how you can be an introverted Maverick Leader and yet be very effective..

Listen to Catherine's interesting insights and this fun conversation.

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I love that Judith is in absolute alignment with what she's talking about as a maverick. Willing to ask tough questions and even disagree with her guests some times is powerful. Great podcast.


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