Maverick Services

We diagnose, we transform, we implement what you really need
to enable you to
strategise, innovate, and execute

The Maverick Gateway

Maverick Leadership is at the heart of everything that we do

The Maverick Paradox

Utilises Maverick Leadership principles to
enable business owners, leaders and organisations,
to thrive in complex, constantly changing environments
by improving their
diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability.


The organisation and the executive

All our work is BESPOKED to the organisation and the executive. We believe that a unique solution (based on a thorough understanding of what you need and what will work for you) is best designed from scratch. Leveraging our wealth of experience and abilities.

The Business Owner and the professional

In regard to the Business Owner and the professional all our work is TAILORED for you. Ensuring that what we provide is exactly what you need.

✸ Through our in-person or virtual programmes, we give Business Owners, Leaders and Organisations, the knowledge and capability to reduce the uncertainty in their decision making and increase their leadership impact. ✸

Services for Organisations, Business Owners and Professionals

Short interview with Judith

How we can help

Maverick Leadership

Integrity, Passion and Effective Leadership:
Bespoke solutions for leaders and teams

The Lateral Thinker

We help you develop and implement:
Strategic/ Creative/ Emergent Thinking

Change Eager Leadership

We help you make change happen:
Develop Leaders/ Change Leadership/ Cultural Change

The Capable Leader

We help you improve your leadership impact:
Diversity impact/ Enhancing leadership capability

The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™

We Consolidate, Nurture, Grow:
Your Strategy to Execution

Accelerate Your Impact

Accelerate your impact/ Get what you want/
Put food on the table

Strategic Innovation

Emergent Strategy/ Innovate your offering/
Build a platform

Consolidate & Grow

Accelerate your business/ Create your brand /
Bespoke business enhancement

Companies Judith has worked with

are diverse (in type and purpose), come in different sizes and straddle a number of different industries.

Maverick Leadership enables them to improve their leadership impact and have certainty in their decision making.



We had a 3 day Maverick Leadership Programme which was specifically tailored to our company and leadership team. We learned as a team and developed over those three days, we immediately implemented new ways of working from a tailored strategic plan we developed on the programme.

Judith was direct to the key areas we needed to work on. Her depth of experience within industry and her professional skills meant we utilised every minute to work towards what we needed to change and develop.

Steve Yardley

Director, JGA Recruitment


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