Maverick Services

Business Owners

Working with Judith

"She really helped me to articulate my proposition and my USP and give it a language which the business community can relate to.

I've since used what we discussed in 2 hours in all my marketing collateral and am comfortable it accurately and authentically describes me and my business identity" - Kate Morris-Bates, Director, Balanced Space Coaching Ltd

Strategise, Innovate and Execute

Enable your business to improve its impact and influence and attract the clients you need.

The Maverick Accelerator

The Maverick Accelerator Method, consolidates, nurtures and grows your strategy to execution.

Business Owners and professionals are given the right knowledge, tools and practical support that they need to:

  • consolidate and accelerate their impact
  • strategise, innovate and execute, their ability to become an effective, influential business owner
  • attract their tribe and increase their revenue
  • have the business they went into business to achieve

For Business Owners

Consolidate, Nurture and Grow

Accelerate your impact

Same time and money by utilising the things that make you successful.

S. I. E. Programme

Analyse and implement your core offering so you understand how to build a platform for your business.

Your Maverick Business

Accelerate your business and utilise the SIE Programme in an intensive 4 weeks.

Grow your business

Consolidate, Nurture and Grow your business in 9 months or an intensive 3 months.

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