Accelerate your impact

Business Owners

We provide you with the right knowledge, tools and practical support you need to accelerate your income and get what you want and put food on the table.

Save time and money by utilising the things that make you successful, understand what your client wants and increase your attraction and revenue potential.

Accelerate the impact you can make and reduce the frustration and stress caused by doing things that you don't love or have the passion for.

Discover the way forward for you and your business.

Accelerate your impact (Business Owners)

Accelerate your impact Programme

Discover the way forward for you and your business.
If you work for an organisation and would like to know about how to discover your Core Impact™ or your leaders' then please give us a call.

Core Identity™

Every business owner and professional that is aware of their Core Identity™ is able to attract the right clients, has clarity on what they do and their prospective clients have enough clarity to buy from them. They utilise their natural proclivities and impact and understand what drives them. They are also doing the thing that makes their heart sings, and powers their personal success strategy.

Your Core Identity™ is made up of 3 components, your Core Proposition™, Your Core Impact™ and your Core Talent™.

These are 3 perspectives of who you are, and what you do, and how this is applied to your work. You gain:

  • Clarity on what your business really does, that sits beneath your marketing messages. Clarity on how to narrate this Core Proposition™ to prospective clients.
  • The ability to utilise your impact, this is how you implement. Your impact is integrated with your Core Proposition™
  • Knowledge of your success strategy integrated through the other two perspectives.

    Stand out from others in your market, discover, align and implement your Core Identity™. The very foundation needed to grow our business, gain clients and become the go to thought leader and expert in your field.

Core Identity

Accelerate your impact


When you know your Core Identity™, you can accelerate your impact and make the real difference that you went into business to make.

During this programme you will:

  • Build and leverage your reputation. Learn how to increase your revenue and attraction. Discover the way forward and get insight on how to define your business proposition (USP), how to narrate it so your prospects understand what you do and become your clients.
  • Discover how you make and utilise your impact and integrate this with your Core Proposition™. This insight comes with a 27 page report.
  • Discover your personal success strategy and integrate it with your Core Proposition™ and Your Core Impact™.

Companies Judith has worked with

are diverse (in type and purpose), come in different sizes and straddle a number of different industries.

Maverick Leadership enables them to improve their leadership impact and have certainity in their decision making.



"I would work with Judith again for sure and for anyone ready to step up and gain clarity of your unique talents, capabilities and gifts and wanting to work with an insightful leader who only wants to see your brilliant self success in your personal fulfilment".

Vanessa Louise Moore


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