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Maverick Leaders need to innovate (Video)

Maverick Leaders need to innovate

Maverick Leaders need to innovate (video). It’s impossible to lead if you can’t innovate. When you innovate you are able to generate new solutions that can resolve the persistent problems you face. The challenge here is that many companies believe that true innovation only resides in the few and do not allow employees the space to innovate.

Judith Germain explains to David Chislett why Maverick leaders just can’t help themselves: they NEED to innovate. Their pathological curiosity is the perfect ‘muse’ for innovation. Learn how you can innovate too.

As part of the Mavericks of Mass Creation Video series, Judith Germain speaks to David Chislett on ‘Why Maverick Leaders innovate’.

Take a look below:

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The power of the comedian


The power of the comedian. Maverick Leaders tend to have impact and influence in the businesses they run or the organisation that they work in. The key here is realising that you do not have to have the formal title of ‘manager’ or ‘leader’ to become one. Your ability to lead starts with your intention to be responsible for who you are, what you do and what you influence.

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Maverick Leadership – the interview! (video)


Maverick Leadership – the interview! (video). In this video Simone Vincenzi interviews Judith Germain on Maverick Leadership.

There is laughter and insight as Judith shares what Maverick Leadership really means and the difference it can make to individuals, leaders and organisations.

Judith believes that everyone should be a Maverick Leader, that Maverick Leaders are influential and that Maverick Leaders strategise, innovate and execute. She provides information on how to become a Maverick Leader and how to orientate your organisation for better success.


Maverick Leaders need to strategise (Video)

Maverick Leaders need to strategise

Maverick Leaders need to strategise (video). The ability to strategise with a clear objective head is often considered the Maverick Leader’s secret weapon and ruler. How to strategise, is an essential skill for Mavericks, even though they don’t like playing by the rules.

Maverick Leaders strategise, innovate and execute to improve their impact and influence on the world and the people around them. This video looks at why you should emulate them.

As part of the Mavericks of Mass Creation Video series, Judith Germain speaks to David Chislett on ‘Maverick Leaders need to strategise’.

Take a look below:

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Burn the business plan!


Burn the business plan!

The idea of ‘burning the business plan’ is a good analogy for our life, or for working within larger organisations, I think. We often give ourselves a plan and then stumble when we find obstacles in our way. Having a fixated plan can become problematic and is the exact opposite of how Maverick Leaders operate.

Maverick Leaders tend to prefer to have a strategic direction to focus on rather than a fixed strategic plan to their destination. 
This enables them to have an emergent strategy that will become apparent during the implementation of the first, planned strategy.

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Leadership is service -serve to lead


Leadership is service – serve to lead.

The way the world is today requires leaders that can strategise, innovate and execute – who understand that leadership is also about service.

Service to the mission, the people and to yourself. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk.

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What is Maverick Leadership? (Video)

What is Maverick Leadership

What is Maverick Leadership? (video)

“Maverick Leadership is the manner in which individuals and organisations Strategise, Innovate and Execute.

By employing integrity, empathy and passion to how they accomplish their ©Maverick Impact™, they can achieve outcomes that was once thought impossible.

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is the methodology that enables Maverick DRIVEN Leaders™ to succeed” – Judith Germain

What is Maverick Leadership?

As part of the Mavericks of Mass Creation Video series, Judith Germain speaks to David Chislett on ‘What is Maverick Leadership?’ Take a look below:

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Kingston knows how to make an impact!


Kingston knows how to make an impact! Who’s Kingston and what impact? The Kingston I refer to is Kingston Council, officially known as The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (RBK).

At the end of 2019 I was engaged as the Lead Change Maker to design and deliver a programme that would take a newly recruited Corporate Transformation Team and transform them into a high performing team. They needed to utilise that transformation every time that they went to work in another department. Thus enabling more effective projects to take place within RBK.

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames – Corporate Transformation Team

The innovative programme was designed to enable the team to reach high performance quickly and to be able to put into action what they were learning immediately. The programme had elements of a suite of e-learning modules that could be accessed from a smartphone or a browser. There were individual and group coaching. There were face to face modules, which morphed into remote ones once Covid-19 made it impossible for in person events to take place.

We extended the duration of the programme to support RBK whilst they were mobilising their COVID response and added some additional elements at no additional cost to them, to support their effectiveness, morale and resilience. (We had already built a resilience module into the programme, delivered by my Change Maker Group colleague Vanda North; which really came into play as the effects of Covid-19 began to become more established).

Knowing and utilising how the RBK team provided impact was central to the programme. We used The Change Maker Profile™ as a foundation stone in which the different elements of the programme was reflected that gained knowledge. This is how The Change Maker Group (who I work with from time to time), defines The Change Maker Profile™:


The Change Maker Group
© The Change Maker Group

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Kingston knows how to make an impact!

The programme has now reached a conclusion with the Change Maker Profile™ accreditation of 4 employees of The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, Corporate Transformation Team.

Katie Fielder, Sophia Severin, Karin De-Giorgi, Emily Ormerod being accredited by Simon Phillips with Judith Germain

Well done The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames for having the foresight to equip this important team with with knowledge on how to improve their impact and influence. How to become a high performing team with the knowledge and resilience to extend this ability to others with the Council.

An additional well done to the new GC Ologists who can now accredit others in the Change Maker Profile™ – thus extending the knowledge of how to make individual and collective impact across the Council.

Congratulations to:

  • Sophia Severin – Corporate Transformation Manager
  • Emily Ormerod – Change and Improvement Analyst
  • Karin De-Giorgi – Change and Improvement Analyst
  • Katie Fielder – Change and Improvement Analyst

We are excited to see what they will do in the future.

Contact me to find out more.

Developing team impact makes all the difference


Developing team impact makes all the difference. All organisations are striving to stabilise following the announcement of a pandemic that would wreak havoc across the world in 2020.

Whilst a lot of companies quietly took the decision to ‘write off’ 2020, they realised that 2021 and beyond cannot mean a return to that attitude. They also noticed that many of their high performing teams had reverted to groups of individuals and working remotely had dissolved their organisational culture.

This remains a problem, and concerted efforts need to be made to ensure that teams are developed so that they can make the right impact with your customers and within their organisations.

Fortunately, all is not lost and it’s entirely possible to make the difference that your organisation requires. At the Maverick Paradox we work with our clients to design a solution that not only develops your team, we look at improving their impact and leadership ability.

If you want to find out more, contact us now and we can see if we can get the process rolling for you.

Strategic Change Boards – Charities

Strategic Change Board

Our partners at The Change Maker Group believe that they have a responsibility to leave a legacy of Change Makers who can shape society, doing remarkable things for the people around them. This is one of the reasons why they set up The Change Maker Community; to help you make an impact and contribution in your community, charity, or voluntary organisation, wherever you are in the world …

It’s a worthy cause and one that I’m pleased to be a part off. This week I was the guest Change Maker on the final Strategy Change Board that began in 2020. This particular Strategic Change Board brought together Charity sector leaders with peers, from across the industry. Through 6 facilitated, 90 minute sessions we helped the group explore challenges, share insight and co-create solutions to the most pressing issues they face. This Strategic Change Board was around the topic:

5 Steps to survive 2020 and thrive in 2021

Simon Phillips, the founder of The Change Maker Group, facilitated this Board. Each month he was joined by a different Change Maker who focused on a particular aspect of Strategic Change.

This week I joined Simon and the Strategic Change Board to discuss Execution. Effective Execution is one of the most misunderstood elements of strategic change. 

It was a fun session, and a fitting one to end this Strategic Board series.

I’m pleased to say that there will be more Strategic Change Boards, from the Change Makers Community. The Change Maker Group will be running Strategic Change Boards for other industries. I’m looking forward to continuing with both ventures.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Strategic Change Boards can assist your organisation, then let me know!

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