Why us?

"We believe that anyone can become a Maverick Leader regardless of their formal title or position"

We aim to develop effective leaders who can make good strategic decisions and execute them with innovation, integrity, empathy, and passion, ultimately leading to improved leadership impact and influence in various organisational contexts.


"Maverick Leadership is a way of life, not an organisational formal process," - Judith Germain

Maverick Leaders are:

  • Top performers
  • Will not accept poor performance
  • Breaks rules if the rules don't make sense
  • Catalysts for change
  • Work at an intense pace

  • We help you develop effective leaders that understand what is needed, make good strategic decisions and execute them with innovation, integrity, empathy and passion.

    Business Owners can make great Maverick Leaders too. Experts in what they do and the ability to influence and lead their market. We assist them in their strategic decision making and enable them to execute their expertise in the right manner to attract the clients they are looking for.

    All Maverick Leaders benefit from having mentors, sounding boards and business support. This lessens the uncertainty and improves their impact and influence.

Why us

We are a Swagger of Socialised Mavericks, who believe in enhancing leadership capability, in business, organisations and individuals

We are passionate in enabling others to execute:

The right reason

We help leaders have the right skills and resources to navigate complex problems, and make decisions based on the right reasons.

The right idea

We develop leaders into lateral thinkers who fuse imagination and logic, so that they can generate the right ideas, at the right time.

The right solution

We apply strategic insight and emphasise the importance of identifying both overt and hidden issues driving organisational challenges.

Covering all areas

We inspire individuals and companies to think differently and achieve results that surpass conventional expectations. Catalysing transformation in individuals, business owners, leaders, and organisations.

Leadership Consultancy

We enhance leadership capability by enabling Business Owners, Organisations and Individuals to thrive in complex environments

Maverick Paradox Podcast

We feature guests from various industries and sectors, providing listeners with a wide range of leadership insights and experiences.

Our Maverick Magazine

By focusing on "pathologically curious" individuals, the magazine encourage leaders to explore unconventional ideas and approaches to leadership.

Awards and Judging commitments

The Maverick Paradox and Judith Germain have won or been finalists in a number of awards.

Judith Germain is also a judge for Culture Pioneers - Leadership Category and UK Startup Awards.

Whywe care

We believe that individuals that follow the principles of Maverick Leadership will become exceptional leaders, regardless of whether they hold the title of manager, leader or Business Owner, in their place of work.

If you change the way someone leads, you make exponential changes to their impact. This has far reaching implications for business, whether you run your own or work within someone else's.

We work with organisations that require an increased leadership capability than they currently have. Their leaders, Board members and employees want to work in an organisation that achieves its objectives, is diverse in its people and thought processes. We ensure that you succeed, whether that is in increasing your leadership impact, culture change or diversity impact.

We work with business owners that want to attract more clients, amplify their impact and become known as thought leaders in their field.

We also work with individuals to help them stand out, increase their influence and be the leaders that they need to be.

The Maverick Paradox's Guiding Principles


  • Anyone can be a Maverick Leader
  • Only do what you believe in

  • First, do no harm
  • Always work for the greater good
  • Act with integrity and stand up for what you believe in

  • What's challenging
  • What's novel
  • What excites

Drives us
  • A unique challenge that requires Maverick DRIVEN Leadership ™ to solve

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