Why us?

Our story

The Maverick Paradox is the inspiration of Judith Germain who looked at how leadership is demonstrated and knew we could ALL do better.

She believes that anyone can be a Maverick Leader with the ability to Strategise, Innovate and Execute through influence and leadership. Judith has seen the consequences of when leadership fails individuals and organisations and one day decided that enough is enough!

She has been determined to change the way work is conducted, to empower individuals and organisations, to work with meaning and purpose to achieve the goals they set; with integrity, empathy and passion.

Judith has gathered together a swagger of Socialised Mavericks, who believe in her Maverick Leadership philosophy and are passionate in enabling others to execute:

  • the right reason
  • the right idea
  • the right solution

  • for better outcomes for ALL

The Maverick Paradox's Guiding Principles


  • Anyone can be a Maverick Leader
  • Only do what you believe in

  • First, do no harm
  • Always work for the greater good
  • Act with integrity and stand up for what you believe in

  • What's challenging
  • What's novel
  • What excites

Drives us
  • A unique challenge that requires Maverick DRIVEN Leadership ™ to solve


"Maverick Leadership is a way of life, not an organisational formal process," - Judith Germain

Maverick Leaders are:

  • Top performers
  • Will not accept poor performance
  • Breaks rules if the rules don't make sense
  • Catalysts for change
  • Work at an intense pace

  • We help you develop effective leaders that understand what is needed, make good strategic decisions and execute them with innovation, integrity, empathy and passion.

    Business Owners can make great Maverick Leaders too. Experts in what they do and the ability to influence and lead their market. We assist them in their strategic decision making and enable them to execute their expertise in the right manner to attract the clients they are looking for.

    All Maverick Leaders benefit from having mentors, sounding boards and business support. This lessens the uncertainty and improves their impact and influence.

How we can help

Maverick Leadership

Integrity, Passion and Effective Leadership:
Bespoke solutions for leaders and teams

The Thinking Mindset

We help you develop and implement:
Strategic/ Creative/ Emergent Thinking

Sustainable Change

We help you make change happen:
Cultural Evolution/ Diversity Impact/ Transitions

Leadership Impact

We help you improve your leadership impact:
Developing leaders/ Improving impact/ Developing teams

The Maverick Accelerator

We Consolidate, Nurture, Grow:
Your Strategy to Execution

Accelerate Your Impact

Accelerate your impact/ Get what you want/
Put food on the table

SIE Programme

Re-Emergence Strategy/ Innovate your offering/
Utilise your impact

Your Maverick Business

The Strategise, Innovate and Execute Process/
Change your business in 4 weeks


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