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Judith Germain is the leading authority on Maverick Leadership and is the Founder and Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine.

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Why she writes for The Maverick Paradox

Christine Perakis

Christine Perakis is a business growth architect and proudly writes for The Maverick Paradox Magazine. In this 1 minute video Christine shares why she writes for the magazine and what she writes about.


The Maverick Paradox magazine was officially launched on 13 January 2020.

We aim to provoke Maverick Leadership everywhere. The writers are a Swagger of Socialised Mavericks, hand chosen by Judith Germain. The writers are Mavericks that have a unique and interesting Maverick perspective on the world around us.

The Maverick Paradox Magazine

This 1 minute video explains what the Maverick Paradox Magazine is and what to expect.

Listen to his episode below.

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Are Mavericks fully human?

This is a fascinating article by Annabel Kaye in which she ponders what it is that makes someone fully human, and the dangers of believing that someone is being 'more than' or 'less than'.

This is a thoughtful piece designed to make you think about the language of the words you use and whether Maverick Leaders abide by current thought conventions.

The Maverick Writers (as of Sept 21)

Maverick Paradox Media

Maverick Paradox Media defines what it is that makes a Maverick Leader and the lessons that can be derived from lateral thinking. We also explore Maverick Leadership in all its guises.

Maverick Paradox Media

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