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Strategy to Execution Programme

Business Owners

Have a developed strategy to ensure that you re-emerge as the business owner you always wanted to be.

Analyse your Core Offering so you understand how to build a foundational platform to build your business on.

Delve deep to clarify your offering and build the right Core Strategy and execution plan.

Maximising your income potential in conjunction with your visibility plan, and make the difference you went into business for.

Strategy to Execution Programme

Discover the way forward for you and your business.

Strategy to Execution

Strategy execute

It's important that business owners set a strategic direction, innovate their core offerings and then ensure that they execute well, against this strategic direction. This is a process that all businesses should do at least once a year.

During this programme you will:

  • Create your emergent strategy
  • Analyse and innovate your core offering (if necessary we will help you design your offering)
  • Accelerate your income potential. Apply your Core Identity and Core Strategy to your Core Offering by Strategising, Innovating and Execution
  • Develop a Visibility Strategy and an Implementation Plan

SIE Programme

The SIE Programme (Strategy to Execution) is made up of 4 components: Emergent Strategy, Innovate your Core Offerings, Maximising your income and a Visibility and Implementation Plan .

  • Module One - Emergent Strategy.

    This module helps you to assess your current situation, diagnose and strategise to achieve the results you want.

  • Modules Two, Three and Four -  Innovate your Core Offering

    We will analyse what you do and innovate. This module enables a deep dive into the foundation of what you do, and looks at how your offering can be positioned.

  • Module Five - Maximisng your income potential

    This module enables you to apply your Core Impact to your Core Strategy and Core Offering. We will Strategise, Innovate and Execute on your core offering.

  • Module Six - Be visible, be influential

    This module helps you develop a Visibility Strategy and an Implementation Plan.

Strategy to Execution (SIE)

Companies Judith has worked with

are diverse (in type and purpose), come in different sizes and straddle a number of different industries.

Maverick Leadership enables them to improve their leadership impact and have certainity in their decision making.



"Judith helped me work out what our proposition is and put into play strategy for articulating it on and offline.

Judith is great to work with - she is strong enough to challenge my thinking when its off topic and tactful enough when needed to help us through sometime difficult shifts of perception. Her style is very warm but she is tough when needed. I recommend her".

Annabel Kaye, Director, Irenicon


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