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I love to write, however it can be really hard to maintain writing in multiple places!

Therefore I publish most of my own writing (I'm also HRZone's Leadership Columnist) at my business magazine: The Maverick Paradox Magazine.

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The Maverick Paradox Magazine

The Maverick Paradox Magazine is an innovative, first of its kind magazine, for business owners and professionals. Click here if you want to go direct to the magazine.

Improve your Impact and Influence (Video)

Improve your impact and influence as a Maverick Leader...

HR know your impact

HR know your impact to improve your influence. For...

Behind the facade – what’s there?

Behind the facade - what’s there? From time to...

Leadership – a critical skill?

Leadership - a critical skill? When it comes to...

Ethical dilemma of a Maverick

Ethical dilemma of a Maverick. Maverick Leaders prefer to...

Effective Maverick Leaders Execute (Video)

Effective Maverick Leaders Execute (video). One of the most...

Lessons in Leadership (video)

Lessons in Leadership (video). In this video Mary Gregory...

Who are you going to follow?

Who are you going to follow? All real leadership...

Collect Dots (video)

Collect Dots (video). The ability to strategise with a...

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