Why Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ Matters

Judith Germain has worked within many industries and has influenced thousands of leaders. She has trained them, disciplined them, advised and mentored them. Judith has worked with and in the majority of corporate functions and environments and wrote a book on leadership.

Following this, a few years ago Judith postulated the theory that Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is at the core of exceptional leadership. Her clients discovered that her Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ Methodology:

creates passion filled individuals that engender resilient maverick leaders; who work with purpose and meaning, for just causes and greater futures. 

Judith Germain

She observed that this was true whether the individual was running their own business or was working as part of someone else’s.

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is important for organisations and leaders because it provides a blueprint for successful leadership. It speaks to HOW someone leads and who they ARE when they are doing it. It is the combination of these two concepts with the utilisation of the maverick mindset and attributes that makes a difference.

A successful execution ensures engaged, inspired employees and trusted leaders who know how to strategise, execute, and be innovative enough to influence and implement change.

These maverick leaders are resilient, so are able to help you withstand the buffering of modern business and empower their employees to become successful leaders.

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership

The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders – Judith Germain

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is a way of life, not a formal process. What we mean is that everyone can learn to be more DRIVEN, to learn how to be a Maverick Leader. The act of being a manager or having the word ‘leader’ in your job title doesn’t infer that you have the ability to lead.

In the past leadership has been rooted in the time period it’s being observed in. In fact it is normal to see the latest leadership theory, as just the latest fad. If you don’t like that theory, hold your breath, another theory will come along!

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is different because it’s not time bound. The importance of WHO you are (in terms of character and intention) and what you DO is timeless. Your reputation (which is bound in these two concepts) and how it is perceived will not suddenly become unimportant. In fact the Millennials have re-introduced this concept and Generation Z and Alpha are making it abundantly clear that if you do not conduct your business taking this into account then they will not be working there, nor will they shop there.

Ignore their warning at your peril.

These are the attributes of Maverick DRIVEN Leaders

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership (TM) is a way of life, not a formal process. This picture describes the DRIVEN (TM) process
The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders – Judith Germain

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership matters

Organisations stand out, becoming attractive to employees and customers, by learning faster than their competitors in this fast paced world. Maverick DRIVEN Leaders™ are strategic, empathetic leaders that execute well and care how they achieve their outcomes. Regardless of whether they own their business or work within someone else’s.



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