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Business Owner Programmes

At the Maverick Paradox, we recognise that there are three types of business owners:

  • Those that prefer an ‘off the shelf’ programme, that is tailored to their needs. To support this preference we have a number of programmes ready for you to begin!
  • Those that prefer to pick and mix from a menu, to have a programme bespoked for them. If this is your preference then please take a look at the modules that are shown below. 
  • Those that prefer to benefit from Maverick Business Consultancy – typically on a monthly basis. We work with you on the challenges that you face in your business, as you work on executing your Strategic Direction.

Remember, whilst we try to keep this page updated, we are sometimes so busy supporting our Business Owners or larger organisations that this can be quite difficult to do timely. If you do not see what you need here, contact us to see how we can support you and your business.

Ready for you

  • Accelerate your Impact Programme
  • Maximise your Impact Programme
  • Strategy to Execution Programme
  • Consolidate, Nurture and Grow Programme
  • Your Maverick Business
  • Maverick Business Consultancy (Monthly Mentoring)
  • CEO Mentoring

Pick and Mix

  • Core Identity
  • Core Proposition
  • Core Impact
  • Core Talent
  • Core Strategy
  • Innovate your Core Offering
  • Visibility Plan
  • Building reputation to attract clients and authority
  • How to be a DRIVEN™ Business Owner
  • Maverick Power Hour
  • Networking Strategy
  • Maverick Mentoring on Demand (hourly sessions)
  • Maverick Accountability Partner
  • Maverick Impact - discover and demonstrate
  • Strategy, Innovation and Execution Consultancy
  • Programme Design
  • How to be a Maverick Leader
  • Leadership Impact
  • Maverick Laser Coaching
  • Maverick Sounding Board

Make a difference to your business. Start TODAY.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you build a programme that will provide the resolution you seek.

Contact Judith to take your business to a new level.

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